be well.

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Sweet Summer — August 28, 2019

Sweet Summer

As the summer comes to a close make sure to eat all the summer veggies and fruits

-Get outside at night before it starts to get dark earlier

-Catch lightning bugs with your kids before they leave

-Have a little more summer fun!!

Benefit Management Wants YOU to be well!

Sweet Summer

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Family Matters

Family Matters.jpg
-Give your loved one who you have not talked to
in a while a call
-Give your spouse an extra big hug
-Take time to do something extra for an important
person in your life
Benefit Management Wants YOU to be well!

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Be Accountable

Get an accountability partner to help you succeed!

-make lists, charts, and plans

-create goals for work, personal and fun

-stay ahead of work so everything will be finished on time

-take five minutes every day to update responsibilities

Benefit Management Wants YOU to be well!

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